Sunday, February 7, 2016

Getting Started ...

I am on a journey to find myself, connect to what people refer as "me".

Some experiences I had in last few days since the day I started experimenting with mindfulness

- when I looked at the shirt I am about wear - I felt something new and good. Its almost like shirt saying to me "thanks finally you get a chance to look at me before wearing"

- Some music was stuck in my head, I started humming about it. At that point I realized that I am very happy.  This incident made me be aware that when one is happy - they tend to humm some song or music or simply talk to themselves. Kids I have seen talking bath with singing songs - bliss, they must be experiencing

- Morning walk - first time since long time - walked slowly, less agitated, looked at many things around with sense of amazement, felt happy.

- at some point suddenly I felt very happy and started appreciating everything around. There was movie on the screen and I felt like appreciating that. I looked around - everyone and everything seemed so good and nice. I said thank you all around me.

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