Sunday, February 7, 2016

A question

When I was listening to this TED talk

There is this big corner stone of meditation - body scan, breath and focusing on body parts.

There is a mention of this "See if you can direct your attention to your left toe. So you are experience big toe of your left foot. And then little toe. Not moving them but feeling them individually."

When I attempted this - "nothing happened".  First of all I do not know how to direct attention to a specific part of the body"

Does this mean  - unless there is a pain or some sensory signal from a part of the body - I can not feel mind body?

What on the earth people experience when they do this... I understand experience can differ.

But - how can someone simply say "direct your attention to your belly or any part of your body".

What exactly one is supposed to think (generate some thought) and experience (outcome of thought about the part of the body that is under focus"

Getting Started ...

I am on a journey to find myself, connect to what people refer as "me".

Some experiences I had in last few days since the day I started experimenting with mindfulness

- when I looked at the shirt I am about wear - I felt something new and good. Its almost like shirt saying to me "thanks finally you get a chance to look at me before wearing"

- Some music was stuck in my head, I started humming about it. At that point I realized that I am very happy.  This incident made me be aware that when one is happy - they tend to humm some song or music or simply talk to themselves. Kids I have seen talking bath with singing songs - bliss, they must be experiencing

- Morning walk - first time since long time - walked slowly, less agitated, looked at many things around with sense of amazement, felt happy.

- at some point suddenly I felt very happy and started appreciating everything around. There was movie on the screen and I felt like appreciating that. I looked around - everyone and everything seemed so good and nice. I said thank you all around me.